Mindful Skin Care

Skin health begins with not just how your skin appears but how it feels. With the rush to comply with the superficial beauty standards, deluge of products and cumbersome homecare remedies it can be difficult to cut the noise and hear what your skin really needs. True skin health comes from connecting with your skin, feeling it and embracing a holistic approach towards skincare

Let’s Go Skin+ve

Skincare the minimalistic way...

Less is more: Adopt The Skinimalism way!

Taking the right care of your skin is an art. It's a process that requires time, patience and most of all an understanding of your own skin. But this can get a little complicated with all the products screaming for your attention out there. From brands to celebs to influencers, everyone is always recommending a ton of skin care products. Getting the skin care routine right doesn't happen overnight but we can always start with small steps.

Here are some of things you should keep in mind while implementing the less is more approach.

  1. Try narrowing down your routine to fewer, more focused skin care solutions. You'll not only be spending less, but you'll reduce waste that comes from the production and packaging of these products as well. You can keep your skincare routine simple while giving all that your skin needs. A basic and balanced routine involves a sunscreen, moisturiser, cleanser and any problem specific products.
  2. Go Natural: Natural ingredients, with a strong scientific and clinical backing are the way forward in skin care. Remember, you will be using them everyday, so a better understanding of the ingredients gives us the confidence and faith we need when we decide to make them a part of our daily routine.
  3. Focus on Skin health: We need to move from Beauty as our end goal to skin health. Healthy skin is always beautiful, despite the temporary acne, tan or pigmentation.
  4. Potent Products: Prefer products that are focussed on overall health of your skin and are potent in smaller quantities. You use less to get the desired results!