Let’s Go Skin+ve

Skin positivity is thinking about your skin in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Believe it or not, our skin is the largest living organ. Most people may not think of the skin as alive, and dynamic, but it is. It responds to every change in the external environment and our internal moods. It helps protect the body from elements such as heat, cold, and harmful bacteria.

We invest time and effort for the healthy functioning of the vital organs of our body, like a healthy lifestyle and exercise for our heart or planned visits to the dentist for the maintenance of our teeth. Like any other part of your body, what we feed our skin and how we treat it, will determine how healthy our skin is. Proper skin care ensures that our skin has the nutrition it needs to repair itself, maintain optimal function and retain a youthful resilience and glow. But like it's impossible to have "Perfect Teeth or Perfect eyes or a Perfect body" all at once, always, it is unrealistic to expect Flawless Skin, forever.

Let us change our goal from "Skin Perfection to Skin Positivity"

Skin positivity is embracing and appreciating your skin the way it is and being comfortable with it. It is about letting go of the superficial beauty standards, detaching your skin's appearance from your self-worth, and treating your skin with the love and care that it deserves.

In the last few years, the skin positivity movement has grown. But there is still a long way to go before every skin concern is de-stigmatized and normalized, we see natural instead of airbrushed and heavily photoshopped faces in mainstream media, and most importantly skin health is prioritized over vanity.

The first step toward Skin Positivity is accepting and loving your skin the way it is, realizing that skin requires the same attention and care as any other organ of the body, and understanding what your skin needs.

The four-step to embracing skin positivity is

  1. Accept - Accepting your skin the way it is and being comfortable in your skin.
  2. Know - Prioritizing skin health just like body health and taking efforts to know how your skin behaves and needs
  3. Understand - Approaching skincare with love and respect, and understanding what your skin needs to stay healthy.
  4. Embrace - Embracing a mindful skincare routine and healthy habits, and choosing products that agree with and are kinder to your skin.

At Go Skin+ve our vision is to help people embrace skin positivity and approach skincare from a health and wellness perspective. We believe in "Less is more" and transparency of what goes in our products. Complete knowledge and understanding of the ingredients give us the confidence we need to boost our Skin Health.

Beauty is all about respecting ourselves as an individual. Therefore our skincare should not be restricted by age, gender, or ethnicity. We at GoSkin+ve urge you to think differently and choose wisely. Let us pledge to take care of our skin just like we would take care of our body.