Dr. Amee Daxini

Dr. Amee Daxini is a renowned dermatologist and founder of Think Skin Clinic, Bangalore. She has more than two decades of extensive experience and has treated over 100,000 patients. She pursued her  MD. DNB. in Dermatology from Mumbai University and is a gold Medalist. Her scientific approach and meticulous understanding of skin and skin care formulations has made her a coveted pharmaceutical company medical aid. She consults for leading pharmaceutical companies, trains medical specialists and non-medical personnel in the field of cosmeceutics and medical formulations. For more than 5 years, she has been committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy and care you’d expect from a doctor. Her ethics and values always adhere to the “research first” approach for the most advanced formulas that don’t just consider a symptom or concern, but rather address total skin health.

As a dermatologist, her aim has always been to take her patients on a journey of long-term skin health, rather than solving point problems for the short term. She believes in the principles of mindfulness in life and skincare. Dr. Amee always wanted to solve a greater skincare need and recommend efficacious, natural, clean products that can maintain the health of the skin and keep it balanced and glowing and help people be comfortable with their skin. With this goal in mind, she poured her extensive dermatology experience, understanding of green chemistry, and philosophy of mindfulness into building the mindful skincare solution - Go Skin+ve.

Dr Amee

With these products, I take the opportunity to extend my knowledge and share my experience, passion, and honesty with you. Please use these products to regain your true skin health that radiates with a natural glow and confidence. Be comfortable in your skin, you are truly special!’’ - Dr. Amee Daxini

Dr. Amee Daxini
Founder & Go Skin+ve