How It Started


Go Skin +ve Go Skin +ve is a labour of love developed by a leading dermatologist for more than two decades - Dr. Amee Daxini. As a dermatologist, Dr. Amee was often asked to prescribe the right skincare products for her patients that helped them maintain their skin health. She also noticed the tediousness and clutter of the skincare world. This is when Dr. Amee felt there was a genuine need for clean skincare products that helped people maintain healthy skin for the long term, are safe and eco-friendly, and simplify the skincare routine. She set out to find a solution and after 5 years of extensive research combining her expertise as a dermatologist, the wonders of green chemistry, and safety trials - Go Skin+ve was born.

Go Skin+ve is a Mindful Skincare brand that offers clean, gender-neutral, all-inclusive skincare products for people of every age and skin type.