Madhumita Mohanty – Co-founder

Madhumita Mohanty is a veteran in the retail and marketing industry and has over 25 years of experience. She has worked with renowned retail chains and launched thousands of brands. As the head of buying and merchandising in one of the country’s leading beauty chains, Madhumita was exposed to both national and international brands. She has closely observed the slow evolution of the beauty industry from being a cosmetic-led domain to a skin-conscious one. She believes that though there is a positive change, there is still a long way to go when it comes to clean, safe, and simplified skincare. She has often found that despite an information glut, consumers like her, still seek that “perfect fit for me” product. As a consumer, she values trust, efficacy, clean and ethical ingredients, and transparency above all, and is willing to commit to brands that promise results even if they are not instantaneous.

Growing up Madhumita recalls facing statements like “face achha hai rang thoda maila hai”! (She looks pretty, but her complexion is a little dusky). She was amused by society’s obsession with fair skin that still continues. She finds it saddening to see young girls & boys in their teens slather product after product on their faces all in that elusive endeavour for “glass skin or mirror skin’ or whatever is the latest fad! 

With Go Skin+ve, she aims to change the age-old norms of beauty and skincare. She is passionate about using her expertise as a retail and marketing professional, her understanding of the consumers, and her drive to help people be comfortable with their skin - to bring a bigger and positive change.


‘’When I got the opportunity of working with Dr. Amee to launch Go Skin +ve, a brand that aims to simplify skincare, I grabbed it with gusto! I am excited about partnering with Dr. Amee on this passion project of launching a simplified skincare regime to suit all individuals. A brand that will demystify skincare for the common person and make consumers embrace skin health in totality as against external beautification of the skin.’’ - Madhumita Mohanty

Madhumita Mohanty
Co-founder & Go Skin+ve