What Differentiates Us

Safety trials and Stability testing

The products have undergone certified safety trials and stability testing making them absolutely safe for use by anyone and everyone.

Stability Tests

Stability testing for cosmetics is a complicated process that involves 3 main tests:

1. Physical and Chemical Integrity Tests.
Evaluate colour, odour/fragrance, pH value, viscosity, texture, flow, and emulsion stability (signs of separation)

2. Microbiological Stability Tests. 
Evaluate the degree of contamination with bacteria, mould, and yeast.

3. Packaging Stability Tests. 
Evaluate the impact of packaging on the contained product.

We follow stringent protocols before the products leave the factory.

Safety Trials:

  • Trials conducted by a third party, clinical trial facility on 24 participants, ages of 25-50 yrs, both genders.
  • They were scored basis redness, oedema, irritation or any similar side effects on the skin post application.
  • No evidence of any side effects was not after continuous application for 1 week under occlusion, consistent with our promise of safe skin care products for all skin