Can We change the way our skin looks?

Posted on May 6th, 2022 11:12 AM
Can We change the way our skin looks?

We all want beautiful skin. We all want to look like the celebrities that we see on our TV screens or the models on magazine covers. Smooth, supple, young-looking skin is the ultimate goal. However, we know that these glamorous looks are the product of editing and heavy makeup, and reality sets in once we see these celebrities out of the cameras or off the magazine pages

Thus, we realize that these people up in the spotlights are human, too, and if they can’t maintain that glowing skin out of the limelight, what chance do we regular people have?

Can we transform the way our skin looks?

In the early years of our life, we tend to take our skin for granted. With a cursory use of the moisturizer, a dab of powder, and a light lip gloss, we are set to go out for that college social or day out with friends. However, this happy scheme of things does not continue for long. By the mid-twenties, we become aware of the need to take care of our skin to continue looking good. We start browsing the internet and checking the latest developments that can change the way we look and feel.

After trying out a multitude of products and following the so-called perfect skin care regimens, emulating influencers and celebrities, we realize that nothing is enough! And the deeper we delve, the more we get sucked into the whirlpool created by creams, serums, reviews and feedback!!

This is where I want you to pause, pause your search for the ultimate cream/serum that will feed your fantasy of having youthful skin forever…. and think!

As a dermatologist, I believe that “maintaining supple, radiant, and healthy skin” should be your goal! Aging is a process, it does not have to be fought but has to be met head-on. For this, you need to promise to work hard, be patient and have perseverance, like you do to achieve any of your life goals. Let us begin this journey with a simple change in our habits…

Can good skin care Habits Help Us Change Our Skin’s Appearance?

Just as we adopt a healthy lifestyle for the health of our heart, some good skin care habits when incorporated into our lifestyle can affect a change in the way we look.

  • The first thing that we should do to transform our skin, is to limit our exposure to the sun. Always wear sunscreen, come clouds, rain or if you stay indoors. Inculcation of this in your routine will wade away the negative effects of UltraViolet light like pigmentation, freckles, lines and wrinkles.
  • Diet and exercise are often neglected habits when it comes to skin health. A healthy lifestyle will radiate inside and out, which is why living healthily is one of the most important things that we can do for your skin.
  • Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are habits that are also often overlooked. Having enough sleep lets our skin recover from daily trauma, while water hydrates the skin and recovers its lost lustre.
  • It is also very important to protect our skin from irritants and pollution. Always wash your face before you go to sleep and after you sweat. Clean all bed sheets and pillowcases regularly as well. Also, smoking can add to the skin’s exposure to harmful contents of smoke that can accelerate aging.
  • And last but not least is to try and reduce stress whenever possible. Stress releases hormones that can hurt and damage our skin.

Practising Mindfulness in all that we do can go a long way in reducing the stress that we expose ourselves and our bodies to.

Skin Positivity and a bit of optimism can change the way we look and feel!
We need to carve our own path, beyond the societal norms of beauty!
Let us aim for healthy skin, let’s #goskinpositive!