Eat your meal in the right order to reduce blood sugar spike by almost 75%!

Posted on May 17th, 2022 10:27 AM
Eat your meal in the right order to reduce blood sugar spike by almost 75%!

Always wondered why the desserts are last to be served in any meal, Indian or Western?

Processed sugar rich food and its effects on the body are well known, including inflammation and pigmentation of the skin. We all are consciously moving towards a sugar-balanced diet, and that is great news. But there are days when we would love to cheat! We hear you and understand.

Let some science talk help you make the right choices. According to a study published in the American Diabetes Association, Food order has a significant impact on Blood Glucose spike after meals and Insulin levels.

The basic take home is the fact that when it comes to avoiding unnecessary glucose spikes, there's more to it than just what you're consuming. There's one technique you can do that requires zero food restrictions: Eat your meal in a certain order:

The best order to eat your meal for optimum blood sugar balance:

  1. ) Vegetables
  2. ) Fats and Proteins
  3. ) Starches and Sugar

Thus our basic Indian meal of vegetables, dal with roti salad and curd, followed by rice and the sweet in the end makes a lot of scientific sense.

In a restaurant, eating starters/appetizers which are vegetable based like salads help in stabilizing the glucose levels. Avoid the breads that are served complimentary, however appealing they are to our empty stomachs.

When we eat the bread on an empty stomach, it creates a big glucose spike. So by the time we've finished their main course, we're smack in the middle of a massive glucose crash, and we feel really hungry, and have cravings.

That's not to say one must skip the bread basket altogether. It's best to wait to have it alongside protein, fats, and vegetables, this will have a much steadier glucose response.

Take Home Message:

Strategically eating for blood sugar balance doesn't have to solely be about which foods you eat (although there are some blood sugar balancing foods worth noting). Eating your meal in a certain order is both a helpful and low-lift way to avoid a blood sugar spike, as you can apply it to any meal. Plus, it's easy to remember: Vegetables first, protein and fats second, starches and sugars last.