What is Acne Neutrality?

Posted on May 17th, 2022 10:39 AM
I am acne neutral!

Let’s go beyond Acne positivity

As the mirror reflects a new zit or acne in the morning, we surely wish to go back to bed, face down.

Then there are few of us, who take matters into our own hands and try out acids, scrubs, peels!

There’s nothing many of us won’t do to get rid of a new breakout, whether that’s a cluster of red, inflamed bumps or painful, under-the-skin zit. And that’s totally understandable, as we’ve been influenced by years of clear-skinned people crediting drying benzoyl peroxide- and salicylic acid-spiked skincare products, not to mention commercials featuring celebrities talking about how their so-called “bad” skin impacted their self-esteem.

And while everyone is entitled to their own feelings, we think there’s a better way than beating yourself — or, more specifically, your skin — up over pimples/acne.

I am a staunch believer of Positivity, be it Body positivity, skin positivity or a chronic skin disorder acceptance. Here, positivity does not mean passivity, accepting your skin without working on its cause. But it means to be aware of the causes and effects of the skin condition, working towards skin health without being bashful about your skin or go the other route, be shameful of it!!

That’s why we’re adopting a newer approach known as “acne neutrality.” It’s a more reasonable approach to acne — and a far kinder one than blasting it with all sorts of harsh actives (which can always backfire by causing some skin barrier damage).

Acne has always an internal cause which is generally a temporary phase; if a foolproof cure existed, no one would have it.

Acne neutrality is essentially saying: It doesn’t need to be fixed, unless that’s something you want. And if so, you can take good care of your skin without hurting or resenting it.

How to adapt acne neutrality into your skincare routine?

Taking a neutral approach to one’s skincare routine involves avoiding any products or techniques that could potentially harm the skin barrier and sticking to gentle-but-effective formulas that won’t strip the skin.

The Ultimate serum is a wonderful option to begin your journey towards healthy skin. Formulated with an effective blend of Bakuchiol and Conjugated Linoleic acid, it is the right combination to maintain and repair the Skin Barrier with healing oils like sesame and antioxidant effect of Vitamin E.

Eat right, sleep tight and smile! These have a great effect on your skin making it heal and gleam.

The biggest advice is to love your skin and to never give up. There will be days where you feel beautiful and other days where you won’t but that’s okay, the next day will be a new day and you can start all over again, just don’t give up.

Self love takes practice and you will get there eventually.